Privacy Policy

On this page you will find information about data protection and the privacy policy of Etude MM SA.


  1. Etude MM SA processes personal data (i.e. any data that directly or indirectly identifies individuals) and/or confidential (whether or not related to the fulfilment of our professional duties) [hereafter: data], provided to us in connection with the services entrusted to us. The same applies to data that we collect ourselves. Etude MM SA is therefore liable for the processing of these data.
  2. Some data is provided to us directly by you (or other parties concerned) when you (or these parties) contact us by e-mail, mail or telephone, either to request our services or, subsequently, in connection with the mandate entrusted to us. In the course of carrying out the mandate, we also process the data we collect from our clients or third parties (in particular opposing parties, authorities, courts, their respective employees or other contact persons). In addition, we may also collect some data ourselves, e.g. from public registers, websites, social media, etc.
  3. With regard to the purposes for which data is processed, it is primarily intended to enable us to provide our legal services, as well as to document and invoice them.
  4. In order to achieve these objectives, it may be necessary for us to transfer data to the following categories of recipients: external service providers, customers, counterparties or relevant third parties and their legal representatives, business partners with whom we may coordinate legal services, as well as the authorities and the courts.
  5. We use data relating to our sphere of responsibility in Switzerland and abroad. We may also transfer these data to recipients (in particular customers, third parties or authorities) who may then process these data in other countries, even if these countries do not guarantee a level of protection equivalent to Swiss law. On this last point, we will only do so on the basis of express consent or contractual provisions. The same applies if the transfer of data is essential for the fulfilment of a contract or to assert legal claims.
  6. We keep data only for as long as is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected, but in any event for the legal storage period, or for as long as there is an underlying private or public interest in keeping it. We also take appropriate and proportionate measures to protect data against loss, unauthorised modification or unlawful access by unauthorised third parties. If you provide us with data via a third party (e.g. your employees or other contact persons), you are required to inform them in full of the data processing carried out by Etude MM SA and other legal or external service providers (e.g. in a data protection policy for your employees).
  7. The fulfilment of our professional obligations involves the use of IT applications from external IT service providers or cloud providers. The use of these IT services or communications facilities necessarily involves data security issues (e.g. email and video conferencing). However, we implement regular controls to ensure the security of our communications. If you would like us to take specific security measures in relation to the mandate you have given us, please let us know.
  8. The aforementioned goals are based on a legitimate interest in the processing of data. Some processing is also necessary for us to fulfil our contractual and deontological duties. The same applies to the legal duties to which we are subject, e.g. our obligation to retain documents.
  9. Persons concerned by the processing of data by Etude MM SA are entitled to obtain information about their personal data, to find out the purpose for which it is being used, to amend it, to have it deleted, to limit its processing, to object being processed and, where appropriate, to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority. They also have a right to the transmission of their data. However, these rights are also subject to limitations. To the extent permitted or required by law, certain requests may be refused. For example, we may have to retain data or continue to handle it in some other way for legal reasons, despite a request to delete or restrict data processing.
  10. No explicit consent is required from the client, his employees or other contact persons on the basis of this statement. Furthermore, it merely provides information on the nature, scope and purpose of the data processed by Etude MM SA, which has the right to amend it unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice.
  11. If you, your employees or other contact persons have any questions or wish to assert your or their rights in relation to data protection, please contact Jean-Luc Maradan by e-mail ( or by post: Etude MM SA, Jean-Luc Maradan, rue de Lausanne 91, 1700 Fribourg.

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Fribourg, December 2023

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