Constitutional rights and freedoms

Fair treatment, protection against discrimination, the right to physical, mental or sexual integrity, media independence and property rights, to name but a few, are rights whose respect is in principle ensured.

However, they are regularly challenged as soon as a dispute arises, whether civil, criminal or administrative. Sometimes the same violation affects various areas of the Swiss legal system at the same time.

Our firm, with its long experience in this key area of the legal profession, is able to advise and – if necessary – represent our clients (individuals or companies) affected in their activities, in proceedings before the authorities, in order to defend – whether against the State or third parties involved – fair treatment, in compliance with the rights guaranteed by the Federal Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

Corporate and Commercial

Nowadays, compliance with the legal framework – both externally and internally – plays a central role in the development of any company.

The expertise of legal tools has become a guarantee of efficiency and transparency in commercial relations, whether it is regarding the simple consumer or the professional in its field of activity.

Our firm advises and assists clients, consumers, shareholders, business owners and companies, at every stage involving legal issues to be managed or resolved, and – if necessary – handles transactions or proceedings, particularly in the following areas

  • Business contracts
  • e-Business
  • Commercial disputes
  • Contractual or product liability
  • Corporate law
  • Unfair competition law
  • Tenancy law
Court appeals

The Swiss judicial system provides for a multitude of legal proceedings enabling citizens, businesses and various corporations to exercise their constitutional right to be heard and to defend their legal rights before higher authorities specially dedicated to this purpose.

However, access to these cantonal, federal and even international jurisdictions (notably the ECHR) is governed by complex legislation, requiring a necessary expertise in procedural matters for those who wish to use them.

Our firm uses its long experience in the conduct of legal remedies to advise the litigant as to whether or not to appeal and, if so, to optimise the chances of success.

Criminal law

Criminal law is one of the legal areas in which the citizen’s fundamental rights (personal freedom, mental, physical or sexual integrity etc.) are particularly threatened. Represented by the Public Prosecutor, and then by the various law enforcement authorities, the State directs proceedings in all areas where it considers, ex officio or on complaint, that the public interest is compromised. Public action then affects the individual, without him or her being able to avoid it from the outset. It is in this context that the lawyer’s mission particularly makes sense.

It is also a field of law that is constantly evolving towards greater standardisation, particularly because of the political and/or media pressure surrounding certain significant cases. These aspects, which go beyond the legal framework, often have to be taken into account when developing a defence strategy.

Not only is general criminal law aimed at the ordinary citizen, but also, and increasingly today, at those involved in public life and the entities with which they are associated, whether as defendants, victims, civil parties or plaintiffs.

Over the past 25 years, our firm has developed a high level of experience in this field of activity and is able to react quickly to any situation. We assist and advise our clients, both adults and minors, at all stages of criminal proceedings and in all legal matters related to legal offences, whether it be representation before all criminal authorities, or advice and negotiations, particularly in the following areas

  • Individual defence
  • Legal issues related to criminal proceedings
  • Assistance to civil parties/plaintiffs
  • Assistance to victims of crime (LAVI)
  • Traffic offences
  • Violation of criminal rules in prosecution and bankruptcy
  • Liability law

– Medical law

– Unfair competition law

Extradition & International Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters (IMAC)

At a time when the cross-border movement of people and assets is a challenge on all levels, including legal, many national criminal proceedings are characterised by foreign elements, which raise specific issues, in particular with regard to the respect of fundamental rights.

Despite its “peripheral” location, our firm has solid experience in criminal law issues related to mutual assistance and cross-border criminal proceedings, in particular in the field of economic criminal law (money laundering, extradition, mutual assistance requests).

Our close geographical proximity to the central headquarters of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (MPC) and the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ) in particular, allows for more direct contact with their magistrates in some circumstances, for example about access to files and the exchange of information.

We are also able to advise and assist our domestic or foreign clients in the context of the delivery of international arrest warrants or if they are under a “Red Notice”.

Financial crime

On the sidelines of so-called “ordinary” criminal law, proceedings with high economic risks are taking on a growing importance, often complicated by significant media coverage, making the management of the case even more delicate.

Faced with important issues, a clear legal vision is essential. Depending on the situation, the lawyer’s role may be limited to advising and negotiating, in order to avoid, as far as possible, long and costly procedures. If litigation is unavoidable, the lawyer’s role will be to develop an appropriate strategy.

Our firm advises and assists its clients, whether individuals or companies, both nationally and in cross-border litigation, in all criminal disputes related to economic matters such as :

  • misappropriation of funds
  • criminal mismanagement
  • fraud
  • disposal of seized assets
  • money laundering
  • IMAC
  • seizure of property
  • fraudulent bankruptcy and fraud against seizure

and assist them before the judicial authorities at all stages of the proceedings (investigation, judgment, appeal, opposition).

Thanks to our experience in Publicly Exposed Cases (PEP), we are also able to provide appropriate communication depending on the situation.

Labour & Industrial Tribunals

Legal issues related to the field of labour have developed significantly and often go beyond the scope of the industrial Tribunals (Prud’hommes).

Businesses and employees regularly must settle issues relating to the legal framework of employment, its compensation, labour relations within the company, not to mention the challenges of recruiting foreign workers.

Our firm has expertise in both private and public employment law, complemented by its skills in related legal areas (e.g. company law, contract law), which allows us to offer pragmatic advice, tailored to each individual, both employer or employee, in particular in the following areas

  • Labour contract (analysis, drafting)
  • Industrial Tribunals
  • Sexual harassment and mobbing
  • Non-competition provisions
  • Work permit
Land use and environmental law

Whether you are an individual, an association, a foundation or a company, the confrontation of your spatial development project with the complex legal rules of land use planning (adoption or modification of development plans, building permits, demolition permits, restoration permits, etc.), or environmental law, is often impossible to avoid, even during a project that may seem harmless at first sight.

Our firm can advise and assist you in the approach and resolution of these issues, particularly in the following areas :

  • Land use planning (LAT, LATeC and related legislation)
  • Opposition (building permits and plans)
  • Expropriation
  • Pollution
  • Environmental problems
  • Building or demolition licence

Individuals, companies and public corporations are inevitably confronted with complex legal issues of liability, involving various private and/or public regulations.

Our firm has extensive experience in evaluating such situations, assessing damages and providing fair compensation.

We advise and assist our clients in all questions and proceedings related to those complex issues and we are also able to deal with the necessary transactions, in particular with the insurance companies involved, and, if necessary, to litigate before the relevant courts, including the following areas

  • Road traffic regulations
  • Damage to integrity or property
  • Media law
  • Protection of privacy
  • Moral damages
  • Medical law
  • Criminal law
Protection of the privacy and family law

The protection of the privacy, related to personal rights (such as health or protection of the individual’s public image in the social media), the family sphere and their related patrimonial interests (inheritance, property), is a field of law practice that has been evolving rapidly since the beginning of the 21st century, due to the technological evolution which offers new perspectives, but at the same time induces new risks of harm every day.

Our firm has many years of experience in defending citizens’ private rights and advises and assists its clients – individuals, estates, co-owners, etc. – in all matters relating to their private rights, and conducts transactions or proceedings, in particular in the following areas

  • Media, social networks, etc.
  • Health law
  • Family law (divorce, separation, adoption, etc.)
  • Matrimonial proceedings and their related issues
  • Inheritance law
  • Litigation in relation to their properties
Sports law

Since Pierre de Coubertin, sporting idealism has had to give way to an increasing complexity of rules governing sporting activity, whether with regard to its players, professionals or amateurs, or the entities (federations or associations, clubs, etc.) that gather them.

The defence of the image and rights of sportsmen and women or clubs has become considerably more complicated in view of the (often financial) issues involved.

Moreover, an event or any competition, whatever the status of its participants, involves important challenges (not only sporting ones!) for which the organisers and competitors are anxious to protect their interests as best as they can.

Our firm acts in these areas before all state and sports authorities and jurisdictions. It advises and assists its clients, whether amateurs or professionals, clubs, associations or federations, in all legal matters relating to sport (disciplinary measures, contracts, image rights, etc.), whether at the negotiation and/or litigation level, particularly in the following areas

  • Image and personality rights
  • Violation of integrity
  • Contracts (players, sponsorship or others)
  • Litigation and arbitration