Curiosity & Agility

Our DNA for over 25 years

Etude MM SA is a human-sized law firm based in Fribourg, close to the main decision-making centres. Our areas of expertise include criminal law, commercial law, legal liability, protection of the individuals and family law.

True to the traditional values of our legal profession, namely independence and diligence, we are strongly focused on the future, in order to better advise our clients in an uncertain and constantly changing world. Thus, we work with a constant view to moving forward with Curiosity & Agility. Our experience tells us that if we want to evolve quickly and efficiently in times of change, we need to be curious. If we persist in doing things the way we have always done them, we will not be able to react quickly to a constantly changing environment. So, we are always curious about how we can improve and what things we need to question or advise on.